Drive Thru Movie Night

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USO Fort Hood Volunteers hand out movie grab bags for the Drive Thru Movie Night Event.

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USO Fort Hood Volunteers wear masks and gloves as they safely approach cars for the Drive Thru Movie Night Event.

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Cars wait patiently in line to receive their movie grab bags for the Drive Thru Movie Night Event.

USO Fort Hood staff and volunteers setup early for the Drive Thru Movie Night event that was held Friday afternoon, but not as early as some of the community members. Cars could be seen parked outside the USO doors over two hours before the event would eventually kick off.

As the traffic started to back up on 761st Battalion Avenue, the decision was made to start letting the families through the line. “We were starting to cause a traffic jam, said Isabel Hubbard, USO Director at Fort Hood. “So we decided to start moving things along.”

Smiling parents and kids meandered their way in cars through the parking lot of orange cones and yellow jacketed staff members holding Wallis talkies. As they finally made their way to the USO entrance, the families received their much anticipated red movie night grab bags filled with movies, popcorn, and Skittles.

In the end, ninety nine cars drove up to the USO front door to receive movie night grab bags. Isabel asked one of the drive thru participants what she thought about the event and she replied, “We love the USO!” Earlier in the week, volunteers wearing masks and gloves helped pack a hundred of the movie grab bags in preparation of the event.

Safety is a top priority for staff and volunteers as the USO continues to operate through good health practices; such as washing hands, using sanitizer, and practicing social distancing.

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