Cookies With A Side of Rain

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USO Fort Hood Team hands out Girl Scout Cookies to FRLs.

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Soldiers unbox cookies for distribution.

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A Soldier makes room for cookies to be distributed to his units and families.

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USO Fort Hood Team hard at work distributing cookies.

On Tuesday May 12th, USO Fort Hood set up a drive thru Girl Scout cookie pick-up event in the back of the new center located at building 121 on Tank Battalion Avenue. Staff members could be seen wearing gloves, masks, and holding walkie-talkies as cars were routed through the checkpoints to the cookie pallet towers.

Thirty minutes into the “Cookie Extravaganza” a torrential downpour started to slow things down. Luckily the USO Fort Hood staff had planned ahead by wrapping each pallet with plastic. No soggy treats would be handed out that day. After about a ten minutes, a multitude of cars, trucks, vans, and trailers resumed their journey to cookie riches. Cookie amounts were based on the numbers provide by the Family Readiness Liaisons (FRLs).

By the time the last care had made its cookie pick-up, USO Fort Hood handed out over nine thousand boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

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